Physical Fitness for Govt Jobs

Physical Fitness has a different meaning to a different aspect. There are various kinds of Physical fitness. Base of the physical fitness is a healthy body and mind also. in order to keep the body healthy, you should require to do some physical exercise. There are some common exercise for the whole body and brain. Some Govt Jobs wants a special physical fitness as per the norms. Candidates have to fulfil the physical norms. In order to achieve Govt jobs like Indian Armed Forces / Police / Some administrative Field services. Including Forest Services and many more have a special ability of physical.

Physical Fitness (Basic to Advance)

One can not achieve any advance level in physical fitness without achieving a basic level. It means the first need is to achieve a basic level of physical fitness. You may start Yoga at a basic level. Here, I want to clarify that the Yoga is not only a basic level but advance also. We must avail the ability of basic physical fitness to achieve the nest level. You may follow our website for the latest physical eligibility for Govt jobs.

Physical Fitness by yoga


The Sanskrit metal derives from ‘YUJ’, which means personal consciousness. The soul’s union with universal consciousness or spirit. Yoga is a five thousand years old style of Indian knowledge. Most of the people think that yoga is only as a physical exercise. Where people move, twist and adopt complex ways of breathing. The whole lifestyle is also imbibed in yoga science.
Mehrishi, S S Ravi Shankar always says that “Yoga not only is exercise or making posture but also is a spiritual. It is a touch of mystic element, which gives you a natural power beyond all imagination.”
Do you want to know about any yoga practice? For a list of YOGASANAS and information.

History of yoga

  • Yoga is also circulated for more than fifteen thousand years. The earliest mention of the tradition founded in the oldest living What is yoga?
  • Yoga is a five thousand years old style of Indian knowledge. Nowadays people adopt this exercise to keep their fitness at a good level. Yoga has various exercise to improve a different ability.
  • Yoga seems here as a process of travelling within (inner) or developing consciousness.
  • The famous dialogue, “Yoga Yajnavalkya”, which (described in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad). It mentions several breathing exercises, postures, and meditation for cleansing the body. Between Baba Yajnavalkya and the disciple Brahmavadi Gargi. Gargi also talks about ‘YOGASANA’ in the Chandogya Upanishad.
  • A group of ascetics mentioned in the Atharvaveda, by dialogue (Sabha). It emphasizes the physical posture that can develop as Yogasana. And it mentioned in the Samhita that rigorous physical conduct, meditation and penance. It practised by sages, mahatmas, various sages and saints in ancient times.
  • Yoga has emerged as a concept and along with Bhagavad-gītā, a detailed mention of yoga. It found also in the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata. 
  • More than twenty Upanishads and Yoga Vashishtas are available in the Mahabharata. And in the Bhagavad-Gita. That have already said about the yoga, the union of the mind with the supreme consciousness. 
  • Yoga has discussed as the ancient foundational formula of Hindu philosophy. It mentioned in the most elaborate Patanjali Yogasutra. In his second sutra, Patanjali defines yoga as:

“Yoga: Chitta-Vritti Nirodha:” – Yoga Sutras 1.2

  • Patanjali’s writing also became the basis for Ashtanga yoga. The five vows of Jainism and Buddhism’s roots rooted in the Patanjali Yogasutra.
  • Hatha yoga flourished in the medieval era.
  • Texts of Yoga: Patanjali Yoga Sutras | Scriptures of Yoga: Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Patanjali has considered as the father of yoga and his knowledge of yoga.
  • The ancient scriptures Patanjali Yoga Sutra, but Gurudeva’s unique discourse. It illuminates (benefit) you from the knowledge of yoga, and tell you about the origin and purpose of yoga. The goal of this interpretation of yoga sutra is to make the principles of yoga. It also to make the practice of yoga sutra more understandable and easier. These efforts to focus on a ‘yoga lifestyle’ can use to experience the ultimate benefits.
  • Gurudev has also discussed Yogasutra Upanishad a lot. In his commentary on the Gita. He highlighted various parts of yoga. Like Samkhya Yoga, Karmayoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rajaguhiyoga and Vibhuti Yoga.

Types of yoga Types of Yog

“Yoga” encompasses a variety of applied practices and methods.
  • First one is ‘Gyan Yoga’ or Philosophy
  • Second one is ‘Bhakti Yoga’ or Path of Bhakti-bliss
  • Third one is Karma Yoga 

Yoga for all | Yog for all

  • It is also considered that the physical practice of yoga is beneficial for all. Old or young, healthy (fit) or weak. And it leads everyone to progress. With age, your posture understanding becomes more sophisticated. After working on the technique of external straightness and yoga asana. We start working more on internal subtlety and finally, we are going only in the posture.
  • Yoga has never been unknown to us. We have been doing this since we were a child. Whether it is the “cat stretch” posture that strengthens the spine. Or the wind-free posture that enhances digestion. We find infants doing some form of yoga throughout the day. Yoga can mean many things to many people. Actually it helps you decide the “direction of your life through yoga”
  • Breathing Techniques Pranayama and Meditation (Dhyaan)
  • Pranayama is the control and expansion of breath. Practising proper breathing helps to give more oxygen to the blood and brain. It controls prana or vital life energy. Pranayama also goes along with various yoga asanas. The combination of yoga asana and pranayama considered the highest form of purification. And self-discipline for the body and mind. Pranayama technique also prepares us to get a deeper experience of meditation.
  • You may follow Baba Ramdev for batter experiences.

Physical Fitness (Specific)

  • Once you achieved the basic fitness of your body and brain. Then you are eligible to achieve the specific fitness for Govt Jobs.
  • Measurements play a main role in the physical abilities. You may increase your chest and height to follow specific exercise. Complete nutrition diet is capable to improve body muscles and stamina.
  • Therefore, I will write another article on this specific topic.
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